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OUR GOAL: To develop and make available to multisport race directors an efficient and cost-effective timing system for multisport events.

Jim Henderson started working on R.F. Chip timing system in the spring of 1996. Since that time the system has evolved to a very effecient timing system for small to medium large events of all types, multi-sport and single sport events. In 1998 Jim became the sole owner of Westy Sports. Currently, Westy Sports is owned and operated as the event timing divison of SPORTS CONNECTION.

Westy Sports has timed events in Colorado, Utah, Texas, South Carolina, and Californian. The system has proven accurate and effective in timing events of all types.

The R.F. Chip timing system assigns each athlete a R.F. chip to wear. Each athlete is required to interact with the system at each timing point in order for accurate times to be recorded. The chip is normally worn on the wrist of the athlete and in the case of teams the chip is passed between athletes at the start of each segment of the event. The chip acts a baton that insures that each member of the team does not start his or her segment until his or her teammate finishes the prior segment.

The advantages of this system are:

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Jim Henderson
P.O BOX 2065
Grand Junction, CO 81502-2065

Phone: (970) 241-6786
FAX: (970) 241-3206

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